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What to Use When You're Afraid of Lip Injections

I'm obsessed with lip injections...maybe it's because I enjoy a good "before & after" but I LOVE seeing what a difference lip injections make. Many of my beauty blogger friends have worked with top dermatologists and tried out lip injections for themselves - and I am in awe of their results!

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But when it comes down to it...I'm just a chicken. I would rather live with "ok lips" than try out injections and end up with an unnatural result or accidental scarring. I know MOST people are happy with their lip injections, but I personally could not risk it.

So what options are there for people who want fuller lips but don't want injections?

I'm definitely willing to try any risk-free tips and products that will help my lips look bigger! I've tracked down and tested three of the most popular lip-plumping products

Tried and Tested Lip Plumpers from Alyria, Too Faced and Jouviance Product Reviews

Alyria Intense Lip Volumizer ($63 for 7.4ml)
How it works: This product contains Niacin and Peptides to boost circulation and increase lip volume, and Retinol to stimulate collagen production.
My thoughts: I first came across Alyria when scrolling through the Instagram account of a top cosmetic dermatologist. I thought that if dermatologists were recommending it as an alternative to lip injections - then it must be good! I feel like this product makes my lips feel moisturized and full - but doesn't make them noticeably bigger.

Jouviance Plump FX Lip Plumping Serum ($32 for 4.7ml)
How it works: This product uses Volulip, Maxilip and SWT-7 to simulate the effect of a Hyaluronic Acid injection, resulting in firm and plumped up lips.
My thoughts:  I was interested in trying Plump FX because I've read amazing reviews on Jouviance's products - they're meant to be high quality and very effective. This serum starts feeling tingly as soon as you put it on, but it's not painful or uncomfortable. I feel like this products made my lips slightly larger and a LOT fuller - so it definitely made the most of my lips! I think it would work great as an overnight treatment too.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme ($39 for 4.1ml) -
How it works: This product uses Vitamin E, MaxiLip and Dehydrated Marine Sponge to increase circulation and provide fullness, with Avocado and Jojoba Oil for moisturization.
My thoughts:  This product is my secret weapon - Listen to Lena recommended it to me - and you know that when Lena loves something, it HAS to be good! This is not for the faint of heart - about a minute after applying, it starts to feels like lots of tiny pinpricks - but the effects you get are very noticeable - especially on my upper lip, where I need the most volume.

The good thing about incorporating lip plumping treatments into your daily routine, is that they contain collagen boosting ingredients. Maybe it's all in my head - but I do feel like my lips are slightly bigger since I started using them daily.

How to get bigger lips without lip injections

I've always wondered how people could make their lips look bigger through makeup - while still looking natural. After a lot of trial and error - I've discovered a technique that works for me:
  • Apply a lip plumping product - and leave it in place while you do the rest of your makeup
  • Dab off the gloss and start filling in your lips with a waterproof lip pencil
  • DON'T draw outside of your lipline - this can look unnatural - but DO draw RIGHT on the raised border of your lip. Make the most of what you have!
  • Dip your finger in a clear setting powder and dab it all over the border of your lip to make your liner budge-proof
  • Re-line your lips with the pencil. Optional - you can lightly outline with a darker shade to make your lips look even fuller (I like MAC's Half-Red or Chanel Vamp).
  • Take a lighter lipstick shade (MAC Sandy B.)  and apply it in the center of your lips for a highlighting effect...and you're done!
I always used to have problems with my liner wearing off unevenly when I lined my lip border - but this technique makes everything stay in place all day - even after eating! I wish I had discovered this trick before I took these outfit photos. One last tip I have is - don't be afraid to wear a bright lip colour. I feel like a lot of "so-called beauty experts" say you should only wear nude sparkly gloss if you have small lips - but that doesn't make sense to me, because that just makes my lips disappear completely!

Blogger outfit burgundy self portrait crochet lace dress black over-the-knee boots

Would you try lip injections? What is your favourite Lip Plumping product? (I've tested many other popular lip plumpers including Smashbox O-Plump and Dior Lip Maximizer - but they didn't seem to have much of an effect on me.)

DISCLAIMER: I contacted Jouviance PR and requested a sample of Plump FX for this review. I purchased the other 2 lip plumping products myself.


  1. Excellent post! I really loved seeing the before and after for each product and your lip lining techniques! I'm impressed at how the Jouviance product worked and for a great price!
    Gina || On the Daily Express


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