Monday, October 24, 2016

Shopping Haul, Y'all!

When I started blogging, I used to keep all of my clothing purchases in their original bags, so that I could share clothing hauls as they happened. But my latest purchases are all over the place! Some have dedicated blog posts, while others have been shown on Instagram. I've also had some clothing hits and misses that I wanted to share - so I've rounded all my latest purchases in this post. I'd especially recommend scrolling down until the end for some luxe-for-less shoe finds!

Pink moto jacket floral pants blogger outfit
Jacket: c/o Romwe / Top: Express / Pants: Le Chateau (similar) / Shoes: Express (similar) / Bag: c/o Romwe

Bomber jackets and moto jackets are very popular this season. I've yet to find a bomber jacket that suits me - but I've already stocked up on 2 moto jackets - the pink one above and its twin in black from this post. I prefer wearing my moto jackets open - so I always opt for a shrunken style with fitted shoulders.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Florals with Le Chateau

While I've made it clear how I feel about Fall style  - there is ONE Fall trend I've been loving - Muted Florals. Delicate floral prints are commonly found in Spring and Summer, but this year - I'm excited to see that they have ALSO been adapted for Fall.

Le Chateau Green Floral Fall Dress Black Over the Knee Boots Blogger Outfit
Dress: c/o Le Chateau / c/o Boots / Bag: Chanel

This week's "Ten Take Fall" Collab asks "What is your favourite Fall trend?"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So Basic, but So Good...

The good thing about cold weather is that you can hide a lot under cute outerwear. Your sweater can be nearing the end of its wearable life (guilty...) but as long as you're wearing a bright scarf and a well-fitting jacket - nobody will notice!

Pink Plaid Blanket Scarf Red Rainboots Black Moto Jacket Blogger Style Fall Outfit Black Celine Nano Bag
Jacket: c/o Romwe / Scarf: Express (similar) / Jeans: Express / Boots: c/o Kamik / Bag: Celine Nano

This week's "Ten Take Fall" Collab asks "What are your must-have/staple items for Fall?"

It seems like most bloggers have a specific uniform for Fall - cozy outerwear, blanket scarves and tall boots. There is some variation - rainboots versus over-the-knee suede boots, moto jacket versus thick cardigans, but the overall look is the same. Sticking to this uniform is a little bit basic but it works for me! Here's a closer look at my choices:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Summer Favourites, Styled for Fall

If you're looking for tips on taking your favourite summer pieces into Fall - you've come to the right place! This month, I'm teaming up with 9 other bloggers for the "Ten Take on Fall" series - we'll be discussing new Fall topics every week!

Burgundy Maxi Dress Blush Pink Tassel Earrings Blogger Outfit
Dress / c/o Bag / Earrings

This week's topic is: Share a favorite Summer wardrobe piece and how you will style it for Fall. 


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