Sunday, October 25, 2015

Feeling FRESH and How to Bake Your Face

As I mentioned in my last post - I'm really loving red pieces this Fall. And while I've usually been quite conservative in my outerwear choices - I think I'm finally ready for a bright red coat!

Joe Fresh Red Coat Express Distressed Jeans Hunter Boots Fall Blogger Outfit

I picked up this lipstick red coat at JOE FRESH. It's a fun balance of lady-like and modern. The collar and length are classic, while the extra pockets and the zip fastening add an unexpected (and convenient!) twist. I especially appreciate zip closures in outerwear - who has time to button and unbutton multiple times?

Joe Fresh Red Coat Express Distressed Jeans Hunter Boots Fall Blogger Outfit
Coat: c/o Joe Fresh / Jeans: Express / Boots: Hunter / Top: F21 (similar) / Lips: Stila

And if you're wondering why I'm wearing the coat on my shoulders as a cape - I promise you, it's not a blogger cliche. When the weather is cold but not freezing, wearing your coat on your shoulders adds just the right amount of warmth - without making you sweat (TMI, I know!). Give it a try - you might love it!

Would you wear a red coat or is it too Little Red Riding Hood for you?

DISCLAIMER: I purchased the coat with a giftcard provided by JOE FRESH

concealer: MAC / sponge: Beauty Blender / powder: Laura Mercier / brush: MAC

Also - check out my latest post for Yummy Mummy Club, where I discuss strobing (creating a strong highlight) and baking (i.e. setting your foundation or concealer so that it lasts all day) your face!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Red-dy for Fall

Although cream and white will always be my favorite color to wear - I'm really enjoying wearing red as an accent colour this Fall.

Red Plaid Blanket Scarf, Cognac/Tan Leather Clutch and Boots Blogger Outfit
Scarf: Here / Bag: H&M (similar) / Boots: Old Navy

For a cozy look, I've been re-purposing my blanket scarf as a shawl.

Forever21 Red Toggle Hooded Duffle Coat Blogger Outfit

There's nothing more cheerful than a vibrant red coat. I was very tempted by this Forever21 coat (not available online but on clearance for $30 in store!!! Similar but not yet on sale here*)

Blogger Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody Bag in Pink Fuschia

While this bag is hot pink (and oh so pretty!) - I'm thinking the red version will be my next bag purchase. I'm a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff bags - I own two (this one and this one) and I love how durable and lightweight her bags are.

Pink Loft Tunic Black Leather Leggings Black Balenciaga Bag Blogger Outfit
Top: c/o LOFT / Leggings: H&M (similar) / Boots: Old Navy (this year's version) / Bag: Balenciaga

And here are two (non-red) faves! Finally got to wear this pale pink tunic from this post - so glad I picked it up!

I love everything Mindy does...from Kelly Kapoor in the Office to the Mindy Project. I adored Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, and am slowwwwly making my way through Why Not Me because I never want it to end! If you're not familiar with her writing - read an excerpt from her new book here.
dress / bag / shoes
I'll end with some recent style inspiration - I've been loving the Chloe Drew bag and the Kingdom Lace up flats - but I know they're trendy rather than timeless, so I'm hoping to find some affordable versions instead. I'll definitely update here if I find any good alternatives!

Do you like wearing red? What's your favorite piece of red clothing?

*For my Canadian readers - if clicking any of my Forever21 links, be sure to change from the CAD to US site to view the exact item

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meeting Rita Ora + Fall Shoe & Clothing Haul

Rita Ora was in Toronto last week, promoting her nail polish collaboration with Rimmel. After her presentation, Rita came around and took pictures with all the bloggers. Even though she'd had a long day of media interviews, she was still so warm and friendly to everyone - we were all super impressed by her down-to-earth personality.

Meeting Rita Ora at the Rimmel Event | Ella Pretty Blog
Wearing my shirtdress from this post

I left the presentation with a bag full of Rimmel goodies to test out. So far I'm loving:
  • The Brow Sculpting Kit - It comes with 2 brushes - a bristle comb for your eyebrows and a double-sided angled brush to apply the wax and powder. I don't usually "do" my brows - but this kit is very easy to use and gives your eyebrows a subtle, groomed look. Here's what it looks like on my brows.
  • The Super Curler 24 Mascara - This instantly and dramatically curls your lashes. I prefer curling mascaras to lengthening ones because I like the look of feathery lashes. I'm so excited I got the chance to test this out, since it won't be available in stores until December!
  • The RitaOraXRimmel nailpolish in Glaston Berry - Like the Rimmel polishes I've used before - the wide, curved brush makes application quick and perfectly neat. The formula is amazing - I only needed ONE coat - and 4 days after applying, my nails are still chip-free.

Testing Rimmel makeup | Ella Pretty Blog

Along with testing out new make-up, I've also been picking up some new clothes for Fall. First up is this plaid shirt from Aeropostale - love the maroon and pink shades. You can never own to much plaid, right?

Pink Maroon Plaid Shirt Flared Jeans Quilted Black Bag | Ella Pretty Blog
Shirt: Aeropostale (cute option) / Bag: Minkoff / Flats: Old Navy / Jeans: Old Navy

Also from Aeropostale - these "glam" sweatpants. I've seen these dressed up with heels, so I played around with styling them at home. My Insta friends definitely approved of this look (it's my most liked outfit to date!) - but I'm not sure if I'd ever be brave enough to wear them out of the house. Whether I wear them glammed up or save them for indoor lounging - they're soooo soft and comfy, they'll definitely be put to good use!

Glam Sweatpants paired with heels, lace top and Balenciaga city bag | Ella Pretty Blog
Shirt: JACOB (similar) / Pants: Aeropostale / Bag: Balenciaga / Necklace: F21 (similar) / Heels: Bandolino

I also picked a simple camel coat for Fall (clearer picture here). I tend to wear a lot of gold and brown accessories, so I thought this would be a classic addition to my wardrobe.

Plaid Blanket Scarf, Camel Coat, Tan Booties, Dark Skinny jeans and Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag | Ella Pretty Blog
Coat: c/o ROMWE / Scarf: similar / Booties: Old Navy (similar) / Bag: Speedy 25

I also somehow ended up purchasing a lot of shoes - oops! But in my defense, they were ALL on sale! I'm really loving the look of these Nine West Shooties. I usually stick to lower heels, but I'm hoping the high front will provide support and make them easy to wear (wishful thinking?). The Christian Siriano Payless Leopard Flats were around $17 after BOGO prices - they seem really well-made and feel luxurious.

Nine West Eleazor Shooties Payless Christian Siriano Leopard Flats | Ella Pretty Blog
Nine West Eleazor Booties $49 (similar) / Christian Siriano for Payless Leopard Flats (cute alternative)

And finally....these Nine West Andriana heels...I have no excuse...they were just so pretty!

Chanel Vintage Classic Flap Bag and Nine West Floral Andriana Heels | Ella Pretty Blog
Nine West Purple Andriana Heels $49 (similar from Nine West)

Are you a Rita Ora fan? Have you tried the Glam Sweatpants trend?

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