Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carousel Necklace & Sundial Key Pendant from Pink Lovebird Boutique

I was recently contacted by Pink Lovebird Boutique - they asked if I wanted to try any of their statement necklaces. I chose 2 necklaces - the Carousel Necklace:

Coach Pink Saffiano Wallet

And the Sundial Key Pendant (currently out of stock):

Aren't they both so beautiful? I've been wearing them non-stop: when I want to add a burst of colour, I wear the Carousel necklace:

Dress: H&M (similar, pricey but classic), Necklace: Pink Lovebird, Bag: Pashli

Trench: Old Navy (similar), Bag: Minkoff, Shoes: Wanted (similar), Necklace: Pink Lovebird

And when I want to add a touch of sparkle, I wear the Sundial Key Pendant:

Shirt: ZARA (similar), Jeans: GAP, Shoes: Old Navy (similar), Bag: Pashli

If you're based in Canada - I'd definitely recommend checking out Pink Lovebird Boutique - they're reasonably priced (between $25-$50), amazing quality (no loose stones or discoloured metal) AND they have free shipping within Canada! Plus, if you use the code ELLA10, you get 10% off your order! One of their hottest items is this Duchess Crystal Necklace - similar to the one Kate Middleton wore here.

Which of these 2 necklaces would you wear the most?

DISCLAIMER: Necklaces were provided by the boutique - but I truly love them and selected the styles myself.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Melissa - I've had it for several years now and its held up pretty well :-)

  2. Very fun necklaces - I especially like the key pendant! I also like how you put the carousel necklace on the outside of the trench! That's a fun styling idea. And that lace Zara top might be my favorite thing of yours so if you ever decide to sell it on ebay...please call me first thanks!!! :)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. LOL about the ZARA lace top - I realized I don't wear it as often as I should because it's pretty sheer - but I do love it a lot! Didn't EXPRESS have an almost identical top - or was it only in short sleeves? I remember thinking that the lace pattern was so similar!

  3. That key pendant is beautiful - and speaking of beautiful... how amazing do you look in your trench!?!? That one is my fav. :)

    1. Thanks Skylette :-) The key pendant is definitely one of my prettiest necklaces!

  4. You are always gorgeous zeba! I personally love both necklaces, but I'd probably wear the gold key a bit more because it's simple. A girl can never have too much jewelry!

    1. You're such a sweetie Noelle <3 I agree - the key pendant is so easy to wear - it goes well with button downs, dresses, tees - nearly everything!


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