Monday, December 30, 2013

Taking Henkaa on Holiday: the Ultimate Beach Holiday Dress!

The Henkaa Convertible Maxi is a one-piece dress that can be styled in multiple ways - from sleeveless to one-shoulder to full-coverage, the options are endless! When I first saw the Henkaa dress (at Lotus Leaf's #PRESSDAYS),  I immediately fell in love with the vibrant colors, gorgeous material and elegantly draped design. I knew it would be the perfect piece to take on my week-long holiday to Turks & Caicos.

Why is Henkaa the ultimate beach holiday dress?
  • material - the poly/spandex blend is wrinkle-resistant, unbelievably easy to pack, machine washable - and so silky and beautiful!
  • versatility - SO many ways to style it - from a skirt to a dress, just change up your accessories and wear it to different occasions.
  • lightweight and comfortable - perfect for warmer climates

Here's the Henkaa dress in action on my holiday - I wore it 3 different ways:


Henkaa Dress worn in the Sandy, Necklace (Mine from J.Crew Factory), Button Down (Mine from H&M), Tan Wedges (Mine from Old Navy), Tote bag (Mine from J.Crew Factory)

Breakfast by the Beach - worn as a maxi skirt (instructions here) paired with a white button-down shirt.


Henkaa Dress worn in the Lola, Denim Vest (mine was DIY), Bubble Necklace (mine from H&M), Minkoff Bag, Tan Wedges (Mine from Old Navy)

Layers in the Afternoon - worn as a twisted halterneck (instructions here) paired with a denim vest and turquoise bubble necklace.


Henkaa Dress worn in the Annabelle, J.Crew Factory Necklace, Minkoff bag & Tan Wedges (Mine from Old Navy)

Dressed up for Dinner - worn in the classic halterneck tie (instructions here) with my crystal necklace for added sparkle. (As you can tell from the photo, it was a windy evening!)

For more information on Henkaa check them out on: their website / facebook / twitter / youtube. Also keep an eye out for my upcoming in-depth post on the Henkaa dress, including details of my visit to their showroom.

What is your favorite way of styling the dress?


DISCLAIMER: I contacted Henkaa after the #PRESSDAYS event and they kindly provided the dress for this post. I purchased the bandeau top myself.


  1. I love the way you styled all three of these looks- that dress is the perfect staple!

    1. Thanks Schnelle - I'm amazed at how easy it is to style!

  2. I love them all, but the third is my favorite! Such a gorgeous color on you! I can't wait for spring :) even though it's warm here, I still feel the need to wear wintery colors. Excited for brights!

    1. I agree, it's such a gorgeous color :-) I'm completely in love with this shade - it's so vibrant!

  3. Beautiful Ella! Great colour pick for vacation you did a great job styling it so many ways!

    1. Thanks Elaine - it was such a fun vacation piece - and super easy to style :-)

  4. It's such a great dress and I love the versatility, but I especially love the last look all glammed out! You are positively radiant!

    1. Thanks Skylette - I'm loving my J.Crew Factory necklace - totally blings up the dress LOL :-)

  5. I have seen this dress so many places but didn't actually believed that it worked, but it does! Thank you for sharing!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. Thanks Cornelia - I know what you mean - it's hard to believe all the completely different looks from just one dress! I'll be sharing some more variations in my upcoming post about my Henkaa showroom visit ;-)


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