Saturday, September 21, 2013

Philips Beauty Blogger Challenge: Philips SatinPerfect Epilator and Philips Bikini Genie #PhilipsDaretoBare

I'm proud to be 1 of 10 Canadian bloggers selected by Philips to be part of the 30 Day #PhilipsDaretoBare Challenge. I'm a dedicated epilator-user and was eager to try out Philips' latest offerings.

What is #PhilipsDaretoBare Challenge?

Philips has recently launched their SatinPerfect Epilator and Bikini Genie. Since these products offer long-lasting results, I will be testing them out for a month and noting down my thoughts and experiences to share on my blog. The good, the bad, the will all be shared here!

SatinPerfect Epilator

Epilators use rapidly rotating tweezing discs to pull out hair by the roots. They can remove hair as short as 0.5 mm and the results are semi-permanent as some hairs never grow back.

Bikini Genie

Safely and easily trims hair down for a smooth bikini line.

My Current Hair Removal Process:

I'm a little neurotic when it comes to hair removal - I've divided it into zones (see below) - with a different method for each zone! Being able to use one product on different zones (underarms, arms and legs) will make hair removal SO much simpler. Check back in a month to read my thoughts on these 2 products!

Facial: Threading
Underarms: Epilation (will try SatinPerfect Epilator)
Arms: Cold Wax strips (will try SatinPerfect Epilator)
Bikini: Waxing or trimming/shaving (will try Bikini Genie)
Legs: Shaving (will try SatinPerfect Epilator...maybe!)

Do you have different zones for hair removal or do use the same method for all areas? What is your favored hair removal method?

DISCLAIMER: Philips sent me these products to review so that I could share my experience with my readers. As always, the provision of products doesn't affect my reviews - they are 100% my own opinions!


  1. Way to go for being part of the review team. How much does it hurt?

    1. Depending on where you're epilating it doesn't hurt much at all! More details in my follow-up post :-)

  2. I'm very interested in reading the result. I'm also neurotic with hair removal and getting sick of waxing :/ I wax everywhere besides my legs (which I shave)

    1. I know what you mean - waxing can be quick - but it's also messy and sticky...especially when it's hot outside!


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