Sunday, September 15, 2013

Buyers Remorse & Monthly Must-Reads

Question of the month from Ella: Buyers Remorse - have you purchased anything recently that you wish you hadn't? What is it and why do you regret buying it?

I don't suffer from Buyer's Remorse often as I usually shop at stores with reasonable return policies (i.e. return or exchange for 30 days). But there is one item that I regret - and it bothers me everytime I look at it!

I purchased this bag 2 years ago. I had admired how it looked in the window display - very chubby and such a pretty shade of orange . When it went on final sale, I thought it was a sign that I should buy it. Here's why I regret it:
  • The white stitching looks cheap - and has already started coming out - even though I hardly ever used it!
  • It only looks nice stuffed with paper - it loses its round shape and looks distorted when you fill it with your stuff
  • Even though it was on sale, it was still pricey for what it is - I could have gotten a much nicer bag or two from H&M or Target...or put the money towards my designer bag fund!
Still -  I think a lot more carefully before purchasing any new bags (either budget or designer) - so I guess I learned a valuable lesson from this bag!

What do you regret buying? Would love to read about it in the comments!


  1. One item - not bad !!! But I know what you mean by it bothering you when you look at it! Lol I'm like that too!

    1. I'm sure there is more when I think about it lol... I tend to buy things on the spur of the moment because I would rather return something then scour the store looking for it when it's sold out :-)

  2. I really enjoy your reading list - fun to see other blogs out there that I might not otherwise have found!
    Also - really enjoying your blog! Just found it recently and I'm already a loyal follower! :)

    1. Glad you liked the reading list and THANK YOU for following - I really appreciate it :-)

  3. Have you thought about selling the bag? If you don't ike it get rid of it or you will drive yourself crazy.

    1. I totally know what you mean - I only want to surround myself with positive things - so I'll probably donate the bag soon. I don't think I could resell it because of the loose threads issue :-(


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