Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Testing 5 Revlon Nailpolishes & How I Apply Nail Stickers: #RevlonSelects

Revlon has a program called "Revlon Selects" that is open to ANY makeup enthusiast (not just beauty bloggers). I read about it over here and since I LOVE trying new make-up, I signed up straight away. I was SO excited to be one of their chosen testers!

In this post I thought I'd feature all of the exciting nail products I've been sent to test out - along with my thoughts on them:

Applying Revlon Nail Art Wildflowers in Bow-Quet
How I Apply Nail Stickers:
1) Clean nail surface by wiping with polish remover/acetone
2) Select a sticker that best fits my nail size
3) Apply carefully on nail
4) Fold down excess over the edge of the nail & file it off (using file included in the kit)

Revlon Nail Art Wildflowers in Bow-Quet after 5 days of wear

Nailpolish: Revlon Nail Art Wildflowers in Bow-Quet
My Thoughts: Surprisingly easy to apply - WAY less time consuming than regular polish. No polish smudges on cuticles OR smelly paint fumes either. No drying time so you can use your hands right away without worrying about smudging. VERY long-lasting: the bottom pic is after 5 days of wear - survived hair-washing & pot-scrubbing. However, I had problems getting the stickers to lie flat at my nail base - they kept curling up and catching on things - I had to keep sticking them back down. Would be great for a special night out - and easy enough to peel off the next day. Can save the extra stickers in a ziploc bag to use on accent nails.

Revlon Colorstay in Natural Pink Swatch

Nailpolish: Revlon Colorstay in Natural Pink
My Thoughts: I LOVE the Colorstay polish range - I had already purchased Bare Bones (such a beautiful neutral) before I received this polish. Natural Pink has replaced Essie Fiji as my ultimate pale pink polish. The color is so pretty with peach undertones to keep the shade warm and flattering. Most pale pink polishes are sheer - but the Colorstay range is known for their opacity & gel-like finish, so you don't have to worry about your nails showing through the color at all!

Revlon Chroma Chameleon in Topaz Swatch

Nailpolish: Revlon Chroma Chameleon in Topaz
My Thoughts: Mesmerizing polish that truly shifts colors from green (pictured) to turquoise depending on the light. Not my favorite finish as I prefer creme formulas over shimmery metallics (I feel shimmery polishes emphasize nail imperfections such as ridges). Thin but concentrated formula - I applied 3 coats but it didn't appear thick or smudgy. Great lasting power - wore it for 5 days with only minimal tip wear.

Revlon Orbit and Vincent Van Gold Swatches

Nailpolish: Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit
My Thoughts: The purple base coat is so pigmented and creamy - it applies beautifully and is opaque in just one coat. The top coat has stunning iridescent flakies - but is a little difficult to apply. The flakies are gritty and your nails look a bit lumpy when viewed from the side as the flakie sticks out. The color and effect are very beautiful - and it wasn't that difficult to remove unlike some glitter polishes.

Nailpolish: Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold
My Thoughts: The creamy base is amazing and would look gorgeous even on its own. The gold side is lovely and has a thin brush which makes nail art easy (I used free hand to paint the gold stripes). The formula was smooth and pigmented but thin, so my nail tips don't look bumpy in profile (hate bumpy nails!). I personally don't like the golden & purple combination - but the Expressionist line has a pink & silver combo that I'd like to try. Would also love it if they came out with one for a classic french manicure.

Do you like Revlon nailpolishes? Which of these 5 is your favorite?

DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me by Revlon as part of their RevlonSelects program, but I am under no obligation to provide a favorable review.  As you can tell, I wrote my honest unbiased thoughts (as always!!!).


  1. Holy moly, I LOVE those floral nails! I will definitely have to try those out. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Glad you liked them Sam - I honestly never thought nail stickers would be so easy to use!

  2. These all look so fun! You know I'm a nail addict :) I especially want the light pink shade, as I don't really have any that work for me. Most are either too sheer or too streaky! Thanks for sharing Ella :)

    1. Noelle - you'll LOVE the light pink shade - the colorstay range is my current favorite nailpolish range...the formula is so thick and the brush makes it so easy to apply!

  3. so fun! i'll have to look at these more closely when i'm at the drug store! thanks for the reviews!! xo

    1. Glad you liked the reviews...even though I have too many nailpolishes, I can never resist browsing the nailpolish sections at the drugstore & grocery store LOL!

  4. The stickers look amazing! I might try some of these now. Hannah x


  5. I love love love the pale pink!!! Definitely one I will have to try!
    I've wanted to try the nail stickers but haven't yet found a child I love. I'm hoping the selection gets larger.

    1. Lindy - I know you'll love the pale pink one so much - it's such an *us* color LOL!
      I'm hoping for a chevron pastel nail sticker - how pretty would that be?

  6. That would be amazing!! I'be been meaning to post a picture of the super cute chevron watch I picked up a few months ago. I'll have to take a pic today.

  7. This wildflower design looks so pretty! I just tried these in a different design. I'm new to blogging so I'd love it if you could take a look at my post and leave me a comment:


    They sent you some good nail products. I'd love to try the Moon Candy so thanks for sharing. Love your blog by the way :)


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