Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monochromatic OOTD & Flipping Through: Stylewatch May 2013

Here's an outfit I recently wore to a birthday party. I've read that Monochromatic/Black & White outfits will be very popular this Spring. While this is an easy trend to participate in (as most of us own black & white clothes) I'm always worried that I'll end up looking like I'm wearing a uniform!

Shirt - Express
Black Denim - Garage
Ballet Flats - Wanted (similar from F21)
Necklace - Joe Fresh Alhambra dupe

Don't you love flipping through a magazine with friends: pointing out your favorite looks and wishlist items, then tearing out pages for future inspiration? Grab a mug of Green Tea and see what caught my attention in this month's Stylewatch magazine:

I love Nicky Hilton's pale pink cross body bag - and the relaxed vibe of her whole outfit. Alessandro Ambrosio's skinny jeans look so stylish - especially with her neutral shirt and flats.

Kate Bosworth's style reminds me of an earlier Kate Moss - always chic and understated. Also - I have major hair envy - seeing her pic in the black & white dress makes me want to cut my hair.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a permanent style crush - I know she's controversial but I've always loved her - especially since I read this quote: "It's easier to not change, not do something good for you, not work on your relationship, not make yourself a meal, not work out. Everything in my life that's good is because I worked my ass off to get it and to maintain it." (source) Pretty inspiring, huh?

Although I'm not familiar with her acting, I think Ashley Madekwe always looks gorgeous - love her hair, brows & glowing makeup. And since she's a fashion blogger, she's always perfectly dressed too!

I'm so glad I purchased my American Eagle Denim Jacket - I can't wait to pair it with lace dresses in the summer - Nicky Hilton's outfit is such a classic! It will also look great with maxi dresses - I'd love to find a coral one like Jamie Chung's.

This issue definitely has me excited for summer already (!). I don't know if I'd ever purchase a denim vest, but I love the pink pants. And the shirt dress with metallic accessories seems like the ultimate vacation outfit - perfect for lounging by the pool or sight-seeing.

Will you be wearing Monochromatic outfits this Spring? Do you love or hate Gwyneth?

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  1. I love that blouse on you! xo

    1. Thanks - it feels really elegant but is surprisingly easy to take care of (no ironing necessary!)

  2. very pretty - it does not look like a uniform at all! so chic. xo

    phiphi's blog

    1. Thanks Phiphi - that's a relief...I was a bit worried it looked like a catering uniform LOL!

  3. Hi Ella, beautiful look, I love especially the white/black shirt! :-)
    Can I ask you yori height/weight? I'd like to know how successfully you lost so many lbs!

    1. Thanks Morales - I'm 5'4 and try to follow a low-carb/high-protein diet. I posted about my eating plan & workouts in previous posts:

      Ella Pretty "health"

      I don't follow it that strictly anymore (I SHOULD - I've gained back some of the weight) - but when I do, it really helps me reach my goal weight...

  4. Love the black & white look! I also love sitting down with a good magazine and just browsing, although I've been slacking lately. I think I'm 2 months behind!


    1. I love sitting down with a good magazine - but there's only a few I like these days - mainly for the pictures. For articles I prefer reading blogs - they're more authentic and interesting to me :-)

  5. Your style is always so effortless and classic :) and love the flipping through since I haven't been keeping up myself these days on my fav mags !:)

  6. You always look classy and beautiful Ella :)

    As I'm in love with People Style Watch, I've already devoured the issue! I definitely envy a lot of the outfits I saw!

  7. great look! i love the black details on your top


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