Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nailpolishes...I've got plenty

Get ready to scroll down a lot for my latest "I've got plenty" post - it's picture-heavy because I'm featuring ALL my nailpolishes! This was a fun post to put together as it features all of my "Nail of the day" pictures - so it will be great for me to refer back to. It also made me try out several polishes I'd bought but never worn (mostly blue, green and yellow shades - guess they're not as wearable for me!). There are currently 44 polishes featured - and I will keep updating this post whenever I buy a new polish (I think a Rose Gold shade is next - am debating between this one by Orly and this one by Essie)

I love Chanel for their unique and recognizable colors, while Revlon Colorstay and Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro polishes have the best formulations (long-lasting, opaque, glossy and easy-to-apply & SUPER CHEAP!). I always use this base coat and this top coat (I highly recommend them - they're easy to find and make my polish last ages) - I own the raved about Seche Vite but am put off by its VERY toxic fumes!

 Which of the polishes below is your favorite? What nailpolish shades and brands do you love?


Black Pearl
Black Pearl by Chanel nailpolish
Chanel Black Pearl Swatch
Rose Confidentiel
Rose Confidential by Chanel nailpolish
Chanel Rose Confidentiel Swatch
Rouge Noir
Chanel Vamp nailpolish
Chanel Rouge Noir (Original Vamp shade) Swatch


Berry Hard
Berry Hard by Essie nailpolish
Essie Berry Hard Swatch
Fiji Essie nailpolish
Essie Mademoiselle nailpolish
Essie Mademoiselle Swatch with glitter tips
Neo whimsical
Neo Whimsical by Essie nailpolish
Essie Neo whimsical Swatch
Trombone by Essie nailpolish
Essie Trombone Swatch

Too many polishes to feature on one page - please "read more" for the rest!


Faded Violet
Joe Fresh Faded Violet nailpolish
Joe Fresh Faded Violet Swatch
Joe Fresh Fuschia nailpolish
Joe Fresh Fuschia Swatch
Joe Fresh Mint nailpolish
Joe Fresh Mint Swatch
Joe Fresh Nude nailpolish
Joe Fresh Nude Swatch
Joe Fresh Tomato nailpolish
Joe Fresh Tomato Swatch


In the Spot-Light Pink (Femme de Cirque Collection)
OPI In the Spot-Light Pink nailpolish
OPI In the Spot-Light Pink Swatch
Kardashing Through The Snow (Nicole by OPI)
Nicole by OPI Kardashing Through The Snow nailpolish
Nicole by OPI Kardashing Through The Snow Swatch
Step Right Up (Femme de Cirque Collection)
OPI Step Right Up nailpolish
OPI Step Right Up Swatch

Mod About You
OPI Mod About You nailpolish
OPI Mod About You Swatch


Bare Bones
Revlon Bare Bones nailpolish
Revlon Bare Bones Swatch
Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold
Revlon Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold nailpolish
Revlon Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold Swatch
Revlon Hazy nailpolish
Revlon Hazy Swatch
Revlon Minted nailpolish
Revlon Minted Swatch
Moon Candy in Orbit
Revlon Moon Candy in Orbit nailpolish
Revlon Moon Candy in Orbit Swatch
Revlon Perplex nailpolish
Revlon Perplex Swatch


Burgundy Flirt
Rimmel Burgundy Flirt nailpolish
Rimmel Burgundy Flirt Swatch
English Rose
Rimmel English Rose nailpolish
Rimmel English Rose Swatch
French White Tip Pro Liner
Rimmel French White Tip Pro Liner nailpolish
Rimmel French White Tip Pro Liner Swatch


I Pink I Can
Sally Hansen I Pink I Can nailpolish
Sally Hansen I Pink I Can Swatch
Naked Ambition
Sally Hansen Naked Ambition nailpolish
Sally Hansen Naked Ambition Swatch
Plum's The Word
Sally Hansen Plum's The Word nailpolish
Sally Hansen Plum's The Word Swatch
Strobe Light
Sally Hansen Strobe Light nailpolish
Sally Hansen Strobe Light Swatch (used for glitter tips)


Only Gold for Me
Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me nailpolish
Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Swatch (on Accent Nail)
Pure Prune
Sephora Pure Prune nailpolish
Sephora Pure Prune Swatch
Set the Mood
Sephora by OPI Set the Mood nailpolish
Sephora by OPI Set the Mood Swatch
Sephora Zouk nailpolish
Sephora Zouk Swatch


BarryM Dusky Mauve
Barry M Dusky Mauve nailpolish
Barry M Dusky Mauve Swatch (compared with Revlon Perplex)
Borghese La Strada Rose

Borghese La Strada Rose nailpolish
Borghese La Strada Rose Swatch
China Glaze For Audrey
China Glaze For Audrey nailpolish
China Glaze For Audrey Swatch
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine nailpolish
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine Swatch
Hard Candy Sky
Hard Candy Sky nailpolish
Hard Candy Sky Swatch (dupe for Chanel Riva)
Julep in Freida
Julep Freida nailpolish
Julep Freida Swatch
L'Oreal in Crazy for Chic (Spring 2013)
L'Oreal Crazy for Chic nailpolish
L'Oreal Crazy for Chic Swatch
L'Oreal in Orange You Jealous (Spring 2013)
L'Oreal Orange You Jealous nailpolish
L'Oreal Orange You Jealous Swatch
Milani Dress Maker (dupe for Chanel Jade)
  Milani Dress Maker nailpolish
Milani Dress Maker Swatch
Nails Inc Pall Mall
Nails Inc Pall Mall nailpolish
Nails Inc Pall Mall Swatch


  1. Nice collection :) I like OPI and Catrice nail polishes, they have good formula and they are affordable.

    1. I've never tried Catrice polishes but I've seen them on some European blogs I follow - they look lovely!

  2. Love all these colours! I've definitely found some to add to my collection!


    1. Glad you liked seeing them - I have quite a few shades I want to add to my collection too :-)

  3. those are some great colors! i'll have to pick up a few of them myself now :D

  4. Wow love your collection !

    1. Thanks Lili - I can't believe how many nailpolishes I've accumulated over the past couple of years!

  5. Great idea :)
    Unfortunately if I were to do would take me forever. Even with the swatches I have on the blog...but would be good to keep track somehow, im thinking maybe a swatch book

    1. That's a good idea! This was fun to do because I actually had quite a few untouched bottles of polish...but I didn't want to buy anything new until I had tried EVERYTHING that I owned LOL!

  6. Very fun post! I would say about 95% of my many nail polishes are OPI. I have mixed feelings about Essie as I find it goes on very thin so it needs an extra coat, but if you do that I like it! I probably need to open my mind to new brands - I would definitely try some you recommended.

    1. Yes - some of my Essie polishes feel very thin too. In terms of formula, I love Revlon & Rimmel because they are opaque in 1-2 coats. The formula is thick but not too thick. I have several OPI polishes on my wishlist including Strawberry Margherita and Lincoln Park.

  7. How fun, I was surprised how much I liked the mint colors! I'm going to have to add mint to my Ulta list.

    Just before Christmas I went through all of my polishes and tossed several of them that we're so old. It's been fun building my polish wardrobe since!

    1. I love buying mint colors - but I have to admit I prefer wearing nudes & pinks.

      Must be lovely to have a fresh start with your polishes...I have quite a few I don't love, and I have no idea how I've ended up with so many polishes LOL!

  8. i really want to try some chanel polish!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. I love the packaging and color range of Chanel - it's so chic!

  9. Wow! I like everything!
    I'm a new follower, yout blog is great!


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and for following :-)

  10. I totally missed this post! I love all of them, but especially black pearl! Although I don't really care for how easily Chanel polish chips, I love their shades. Black pearl is one of my favorites, alongside graphite :)

    1. I love how unique Black Pearl is - I haven't really seen a comparable shade out there.

  11. You have some gorgeous polishes! You have definitely given me some inspiration to try some colors I never would have dreamed of before, lol.

    1. Really? Can't wait to see what you pick out Lindy! I thought it was so funny that I was admiring your Plums the Word polish without realizing I owned the same shade! It looks so much better on you ;-)

  12. Very nice collection.
    I love those color of polish.Specially I am loving the mint colors.

    fashion search engine

    1. I love the mint colors in the bottle - but not as much on my hands LOL!

  13. Great collection lady! Now I'll have to buy a few more, not that I need any more :)


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