Friday, August 10, 2012

Flipping Through: Stylewatch August 2012

Don't you love flipping through a magazine with friends: pointing out your favorite looks and wishlist items, then tearing out pages for future inspiration? Grab a mug of Green Tea and see what caught my attention in this month's Stylewatch magazine:
 Sofia Vergara on the cover - she always looks so glamorous.

My favorite look from this issue - Gwyneth's classic blazer, soft grey scarf and dark wash jeans. I want to replicate this entire outfit!

Adorable black studded bag from Francesca's (don't think they have stores in Canada) and pretty printed silk tunic from J. Crew.

Elegant leather bag from Zara - pretty good value for real leather in a classic design.

Helpful feature on travel outfits - I like the outfit on the left, but the scarf on the right. I don't think I'd EVER wear those grey sweatpants though!

Cute fall outfit - I like the colors and textures - but I don't think a flared shirt and cropped jacket would suit my body type.

I seriously need to add a well-fitted light grey blazer to my wardrobe. I like everything about this Jack Willis blazer except for the double pocket flaps. And the shoes are too masculine for my tastes...

All images are from People Stylewatch August 2012. Hope you enjoyed flipping through with me!


  1. Sorry Schnelle - I deleted your comment by mistake (iPhone issues LOL!)

    Schnelle has left a new comment on your post "Flipping Through: Stylewatch August 2012":

    Great finds! That cropped jacket is so pretty but I agree, a more fitted top underneath would be much more flattering.

    1. Schnelle - yes - I think maybe they were trying for a peplum-like silhouette? Would love a slightly longer version of that jacket!

  2. I love this magazine, it's one that I feel always has the best, most wearable inspiration pics. I absolutely love Gwenyth's Fall look!

    1. Gwyneth's look is so gorgeous - I tried on 3 grey blazers today - but there were none as cute as hers!

  3. I do this too! First I mark the page with post it- then rip
    Out ones I want to
    Reference :) lol or iPhone pic it Sonu can have it on hand at the mall for
    Inspiration ! Lol maybe I shouldn't admit that. I like people style watch and in style :)

    1. Keeping it on your iPhone is a great idea...I need all the style inspiration I can get :-)


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