Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Make-up in the Mail: Kerastase, Kiehl's & Jane Iredale

Just thought I'd do a quick post sharing some beauty items that have made their way to me recently:

1) Kerastase Cristalliste Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum - I love entering blog contests - I've won quite a few amazing items. My latest prize is thanks to Beauty Crazed in Canada - I received these amazing Kerastase products designed specifically for long hair. I've always read rave reviews about Kerastase products, so I'm super excited to try these out - PLUS how pretty is the pink packaging? (P.S. Try your luck by entering my Annabelle/Marcelle contest here - runs until July 6)
Kerastase Cristalliste Products
2) Neutrogena Wipes & Suncreen samples - One of the Canadian Deal blogs I follow posted about a freebie in honor of Neutrogena's 60th anniversary. You could choose from a variety of products - and would receive samples & coupons. This was such a generous offer - the sunscreens are the perfect size to keep in my handbag for emergency touch-ups, and the wipes are going in my overnight toiletry bag.
Neutrogena Wipes & Sunscreen
3) Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream - This is now my 4th pot - I've got hubby hooked too, so we're using these up faster. I like waiting for special offers to stock up - this time Kiehl's was offering a deluxe sample of their Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter along with their usual 3 free samples (for those I chose: Abyssine Eye Cream, Creme with Silk Groom & Midnight Recovery Concentrate). Love getting freebies when purchasing something I needed anyway!
Kiehl's Avocado Eye Treatment PLUS samples
4) Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base, Handi Brush, Flocked Sponge & Hydration Spray - This is one of those "pinch me, am I dreaming?" blogger moments. Remember my post on my search for the best mineral make-up? The #1 product on my to-try list was this HIGHLY recommended pressed base. Well - a very kind employee at Jane Iredale contacted me and asked me to try their products! Seriously - I could not believe this was happening to me! I'm so grateful and excited - I was seriously on the verge of buying the base & brush myself (was just looking for a salon I could try it on in person). I'd never have thought to try the mist or sponge - but after 3 days of use, I'm amazed at the concealing power of the sponge! I'm giving myself a month to test this out - and then I'll write an update. (As always - when I review a sent item, I will view it as if I paid retail price for it...and discuss whether it was worth it. Gifted or not, I blog to share my true feelings and help my readers)


Have you received anything exciting in the mail recently?


  1. Wow you have some really great goodies here! I've head great things about the Kerastase line- enjoy!

  2. Love product reviews, thanks for these!

  3. What fabulous goodies! Can't wait to hear about the Kerastase products especially.


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