Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make-Up in the Mail: Glossybox, Kiehls & Bobbi Brown

I had read about Glossybox on a lot of my favorite UK beauty blogs - so when a representative from Glossybox asked if I would like to review their box, I eagerly agreed. (When I review a sent item, I will view it as if I paid retail price for it...and discuss whether it was worth it or not. This can be risky as companies may want unwarranted praise instead of honest criticism- but I'd rather help my readers than sell out for any company. I blog to share my true feelings not to receive free products.)

Glossybox is a luxury sample subscription box founded in Germany. They already operate in 8 countries and are now expanding to 20 more, including Canada. As with other luxury sample subscription boxes, you pay a monthly fee ($15 CAD) and receive 5 deluxe beauty samples.
-comes packaged in GORGEOUS materials. You feel very pampered and special when you're opening it.
-the pink box is SO beautiful and sturdy, I'm going to use mine to store necklaces. A series of them would make elegant storage for make-up, jewelry or stationery.
-You definitely get your money's worth in terms of value of the items sent - the items are from well-established brands and appeal to most people (I'm always open to trying new hand cream, lip balm and nailpolish)

-it can feel wasteful - I don't like clutter but I feel bad throwing "new/usable" things away - so if I don't use something, I'll have to find someone who will. Not a problem with one box - but with a monthly service, your "unwanted pile" may grow rapidly!
-If there are a lot of items you don't use, you may feel like you're not getting your money's worth.


Ahava Skincare Mineral Hand Cream -  Love the shape and size - perfect for my handbag. A little goes a long way - it softens hands and is non-greasy but leaves a filmy "silicone" barrier. Doesn't plump up my dehydrated skin. Will use it up but won't repurchase.

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love body lotion - Strongly fragranced and not very moisturizing. The scent is very 90s. Would be good to wear for a special event/night out. Will use it up but won't repurchase.

Elizabeth Grant Moisturizing Stick - Uses honey, avocado oil and other natural ingredients. Smells like Watermelon. Feels amazing when you apply it (moisturizing and thick, not waxy) but it disappears within an hour. I prefer my Nivea Milk & Honey lipbalm to this - it's more synthetic but it leaves a lasting moisturizing barrier on my lips. Will use this up but won't repurchase.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Anti-Aging Restorative Cream - this contains 2 types of shea butter and a cocoa butter - so I don't dare try this in case it breaks me out. Will be giving this to my mother.

Essie Nailpolish in Neo Whimsical -  Pink with lavender undertones - this is a fun nailpolish to wear. The formula is thin and a bit streaky - but I'm definitely going to get good use out of this - especially as a pedicure color in the spring.
Essie in Neo Whimsical
Bonus item: Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Wipes and Mist: I prefer regular hand-washing instead of antibacterial products - I don't believe that creating a super-sterile environment is healthy for building your immune system - so I'm not going to be using these products excessively - but they'll be good to keep around to freshen up my product surfaces once in a while.

I honestly believe that this would be a great pampering gift to give someone you love - perfect for Mother's day or Valentine's day. For me personally, I don't think I'd sign up for a subscription right now. However...if my stockpile of beauty products ever ran low, I may sign up - it's so amazing receiving surprise luxury products in the mail!
I took advantage of a recent Kiehl's promo (free shipping PLUS 3 deluxe samples PLUS 3 regular samples). I stocked up on my Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream (I'm on my 3rd pot) and was so happy to get all these other Kiehl's goodies to try - they ended up sending 4 deluxe samples: a body butter, a shampoo, hand cream and clay cleanser. I will update if any of these products stand out. I also recently purchased Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink blush (apparently Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day) and a Blush brush (it was $50 - yikes! My most expensive make-up brush ever - but it's SO soft and applies blush beautifully). I LOVE the color of the blush - it doesn't look neon pink when you wear it - it just makes your cheeks look very flushed and healthy. I layer it on top of my Covergirl cream blush in Lush Berry.

Have you tried any of these monthly beauty boxes? What are your favorite Kiehl's products?

Disclaimer: I purchased the Kiehl's and Bobbi Brown products. I was sent the GlossyBox but was not under any obligation to provide a favourable review. As you can tell, I wrote my honest unbiased thoughts (as always!!!).


  1. I love, love, LOVE beauty product reviews. I never want to spend money on makeup unless I know it's a loved product.

    It sounds like the Glossybox is a spin of the Birchbox so I thought your pros and cons were well thought out. I'm like you - I hate wasting anything so I'd either give a lot away or hoard it, and the latter doesn't sound appealing at all!

    Thank you for your comment - I looked at the link you posted and I think she is way cute and I'm not sure that I come close to that! But thanks, that made me beam a little bit. ;)

    1. Skylette - I'm the same - I usually purchase products I've read about on blogs or Make-up Alley...usually if enough *reputable* bloggers are raving about something, it's worth purchasing LOL.

      Glad you liked the link - can't wait for your next hair tutorial :-)

  2. I'm also a HUGE fan of the creamy avocado eye treatment! I need to get another little jar soon, but I might just order it since the store is an hour away from me. I love the concept of Glossybox, but I agree that it seems wasteful. I'm not sure I would get good use out of it. It looks very nice though!

    1. My Kiehls store is in the fancy mall that's further away - so I was happy to order my eye cream instead of trekking all the way out there. I'm most excited about trying their new light Creme de Corps - apparently it smells amazing.

  3. I recently got my Canadian Glossybox too but I can't say I' impressed - the UK one looks much better from what I've seen on blogs!

    1. I'll have to re-check the UK blogs to see what they got! I think value-wise there were some good items (prevage, essie polish) - I'm glad that most of the products were from well-known brands.

  4. Wow, such a great haul. The glossybox has some wonderful products! I'm like you too though, I have enough of a stockpile laying around that I've stayed far away from the monthly delivery services. I really love every Kiehl's product that I've tried, especially the Midnight Recovery line. That BB blush is amazing and the brush looks like it's just perfection.

    1. I have SO many Kiehls samples to try out - I've been saving them for when I travel - but they never get used, so I'm going to try them out now. I have high hopes for their Argan oil - apparently it has no 'cones in it - unlike Moroccan oil.

  5. I love Bobbi Brown brushes!! And wow look at those Kiehl's samples they are so generous!!

    1. I read your post on her amazing brushes before I purchased mine LOL...I was nearly tempted by the travel set because it's so cute - but I was worried the quality wouldn't be the same as full-size.


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