Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style Crush: Cameron Diaz in denim

There's a lot to admire about Cameron Diaz - from her perfect beachy hair to her stunning red carpet dresses. But my favorite pictures of Cameron are of her day-to-day outfits - she personifies Californian chic. Her casual outfits are stunning - she always gets the proportions and textures just right. Rachel Zoe said Cameron was "the ultimate denim girl – it's what she feels the most herself in".
As much as I want to dress up - the truth is that I'm the most comfortable in I've saved some of my favorite pictures of Cameron for future outfit inspiration. (Pic heavy post - all images are all from

Love the striped top and tan well as the white Chanel flap bag.
From 2007 - gorgeous white cardigan and green heels dress up faded jeans and a white tee.
 Cold weather wear - wool coats, skinny jeans and tall boots. Has inspired me to switch my puffy jacket for button down wool coats. Love the leather belt with the camel coat. Her navy coat is by Burberry.
Long chunky-knit sweaters and skinny jeans...perfect for the current fall weather. Definitely craving a thick sweater like the one in the first pic...seems so snuggly and warm.
Blazers dress up her usual white tee and denim combo. I've yet to find a blazer that doesn't feel "matronly" on me...but this inspires me to keep looking!
Travelling in style - while I don't think I would ever wear a Fedora...Cameron looks great in them. Love her coordinated Bottega Veneta bags and her delicate layered necklaces in the first pic.
She loves grey as much as I do. Doesn't she look stunning as a brunette? (pic from 2006)
Dressed-up Denim - adore her navy-blue and red Michael Kors blouse in the first pic and her red Bottega Veneta bag in the second pic. Her outfit with the white Chanel tweed jacket personifies understated elegance - with a pop of red on her lips and shoes!

Main elements of Cameron's casual style:
Neutral colours - lots of grey, black, camel and cream.
Not much jewelry - delicate gold pieces
Loves her white tees - the foundation in most of her outfits
Lots of skinny jeans and tall leather boots
Luxe handbags in classic styles - Chanel, Bottega Veneta

Who do you look to for casual inspiration?


  1. Absolutely LOVE her style! Every single look here is amazing. Jeans are what I feel most comfortable in, plus they can be dressed up or down.
    Gray is my fav color (wearing it today) and I think it is the most flattering color on me (and most people really).

  2. Lilly - your style reminds me of Cameron's - you're also amazing at layering and using the right proportions. I'm always drawn to grey clothes - from light to heather to's all good :-)

  3. Seriously LOVE her! I've watched The Holiday more times than I care to admit because I love her in it and all of her cute outfits. Jude Law doesn't hurt either. ;)

  4. JCHokie - loved The Holiday - and am just getting ready to watch Bad Teacher :-)

  5. Yes, she is always very chic without overdoing it... I love it!

  6. Long hair looks so scraggly on her. She would look amazing going back to a shorter style like in the movies My Best Friend's Wedding & Mask. also, as she gets older, being so skinny isn't as flattering.

  7. Skylette - you're right - she never looks overdone!

    HollySharon - Her hair did look lovely in My Best Friend's Wedding...although I did love her as a brunette too.

  8. Hi, you have great taste! Cameron does the casual chic so well, she takes something simple and really makes it look great! I really like the skinny jean pics with the boots that she wears. I loved her in Charlie's Angel :)

  9. Thanks for the pics! I've always admired how well Cameron Diaz can wear jeans. So chic!

  10. MMC - Charlie's Angel was SO good - I think I need to watch it and the sequel again!

    Dempss01 - She is just so naturally chic...and having a very toned body means everything looks good on her!

  11. Just found your blog through a comment you left somewhere.

    Cameron Diaz has such an effortless but cool style. I like her a lot too.

    You're blog looks really good so I'm following you now. Check out mine if you get chance...

    Amelia x

  12. Thanks for following Amelia - I'm following your blog too - it's very interesting. I visted Seoul when I was 10, so it's nice to see pictures from there.

  13. I love everything about her style! She always looks so chic and put together, but still effortless. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! xox


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