Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Last week I made Southern Fried Chicken with Yogurt Dip for dinner. I saw this being prepared on the UK food network (back when we lived in London). Hubby and I thought it looked really yummy and easy to make - and it is! Recipe can be found here.
 Tonight we had Korean-Style Tilapia Fish Cakes for dinner (we don't eat fried food every night LOL!) I subscribe to Aeriskitchen on YouTube, and she uploaded this recipe recently. It only uses a few ingredients - but is sooo good. I highly recommend trying it. It helps if you own a food processor - I don't - and mincing fish in the blender is not easy!

I'm always looking for easy and yummy recipes. If you have any favourites - please link to them in the comments section :-)


  1. Thanks! It was good...but I don't want to fry any more food for a while now!


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