Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Weekend (in pictures)

So it's been nearly a week since I got back from my weekend/reunion trip. I had such a great time with my old friends. Isn't my College so pretty?

The weather was VERY hot and humid - my most-used item was blotting paper! This was my first solo trip since the summer of 2006 (before kids/pregnancy). It's a really long gap - before that, I'd travel alone at least 4 times a year. It was fun to stock up on magazines and plan outfits and pack just for me again. I got some amazing packing tips from this slide show on the New York Times website. I implemented their clothes-rolling technique - such a space-saving and wrinkle-reducing tip!

Here's the make-up I took with me. The most important items were my brushes - especially my MAC 129 brush (for bronzer and blusher) and Bare Escentuals Handy Buki brush (the ONLY brush that applies mineral make-up in a natural way - providing great coverage - and NO cakey-ness!). For my eyes - I mainly used my Lancome compact and MAC gel liner. For my face - I used my Everyday Minerals base, Chanel blush in Utopia, Sephora "shimmerbrick" highlighter and MAC concealer. For my lips, I took 2 lipliners and 3 glosses (good for lots of different combos).

This is my carefully constructed "liquids" bag - you can tell I love my label-maker, huh? I picked up some travel containers, but also re-used sample jars and bottles. I save a lot of the tiny containers I receive - I wash them out with hot soapy water, rinse them with 40% alcohol and keep them ready for decanting my toiletries into. Most of my toiletries are not generic - so I have a hard time finding them ready-made in travel sizes.

I did manage to fit some shopping into my trip - my friends and I decided to replicate our *true* college experience - by skipping official events and heading to the mall instead! I finally found some good things in Forever 21 - I picked up a peach blouse, an enamel necklace and 2 flower rings (the white one is for my sister, although I love it to bits). From Sephora I bought the Amber Diamond Dior shimmer powder (It's been on my wishlist ever since I read about it on The Gloss Goss). I also got Boscia blotting papers - I had Body Shop blotting papers with me - but I found these to be more effective - and generously sized too. I picked up these cuff links from Tiffany's for my husband - I thought it was appropriate since he got me a Tiffany's necklace on his last trip away. I also bought some toys for my kids (including the Pottery Barn doll pictured).

Close-up of the rings - they are so cheap yet well-made!

I had the best time on my trip - yet I was not sad to leave - which is the best way. I couldn't wait to get home to my kids! And having them meet me at the airport - that was the best part of the whole for the foreseeable future, I don't plan on spending any more nights away from them :-)


  1. I love all your little goodies! Sounds like you had a great time. I want to see a pic of your blouse by itself. :)

  2. OH MY GOD.. how organised are you!??!?!? Im so impressed I am a pig compared to you!!

    Love the pics.. looks idilic and very old fashioned. Too much modernstuff its nice to see something more old fashioned like that archway!

    Great post wish i had seen it before but my blogger is STILL not updating me on new posts even though its been 6 months of nothingness! :(

  3. Ilinda - will take a picture of the top the next time I wear it. To be honest - it's nothing special - but I just loved the blush and cream colour combination.

    Tali - you're the inspiration - with your closet that looks like it belongs in a store! My next goal is to organize my closet neatly - so that I know what I have - and then I'm going SHOPPING :-)

    I hate missing posts on blogger - so I switched to google reader (I think it automatically transfers your blogger reading list over) - now I'm up to date!


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