Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outfit of the Day and Some Shopping

I had some errands to do today - including getting my passport photo taken. I wore jeans and a white t-shirt with lavender accessories - and my favourite Old Navy scarf. I'm so happy that my scarf is now captured in my passport photo - I can look at it for the next 5 years! (I love it that much!)
The BOGO Payless event is on - and I was able to pick up the sandals I had been wanting (previously posted about here). I also picked up this pair:

It's super cute and comfy (as are the other 2 sandals). I've decided that I will only buy my casual flats and sandals at Payless. I've found their shoes to be pretty yet indestructible - and always comfortable. My Payless-only decision was prompted by these Guess shoes I paid over $60 for. The soles are slippery, the surface has started to peel - and I've hardly worn them! I think it's best to stick to save my money here - and splurge on high heels.
I used my 15% Sephora coupon on these 2 items:

The first is a "Tonytail" holder. It's by the same company that made the braided hairband I raved about here. When you wear it, it looks like you've wrapped some hair around the base of your ponytail - without actually having to achieve that look using bobby pins. I got it in black to match my hair. The second is Sephora's dispenser bottle. I decanted my BB Tomato Toner into this (since comes in a slippery glass bottle). I love how the press-down cap works - so much fun!

How come I have so much to say today - this is going to be a long post! I tried the CG lash blast Volume mascara today - and so far - I *LOVE* it. It makes my lashes look so long and thick, and there was NO clumping. Also - it came off REALLY easily - with one swipe of remover. I'm shocked - because I usually use Maybelline's Full n Soft - which is formulated to dissolve quickly - and the CG was even easier to remove ( F&S usually takes me at least 2-3 swipes!)

I'll have to go to the mall again tomorrow - as I got a call that my special order from Coach has arrived (yippee!) I'll just leave you with a picture of these adorable "Pook-a-Looz" - the new range of Disney plush animals. They are *so* cute, and I nearly purchased the Mickey and Minnie for fact, I can't promise that I won't in the near future! I love how vintage and home-made they look!


  1. Love CG LashBlast, one of my faves!

  2. Those shoes are too cute. And that mascara is one of my favorites!!

  3. It's fast becoming one of my faves too, Monica!

  4. Thanks Kayla - the shoes are REALLY comfy too :-)


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