Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Got some UK goodies (& Tiffany Marrakesh Necklace!!!)

Hubby went on a short trip to London this past weekend. While he was there I asked him to pick me up a few items - including my Omega 3-6-9 vitamins (the Boots brand uses Evening Primrose Oil, while most formulations I've seen in Canada use Borage Oil). I also *implored* him to go to Superdrug and buy me the Sleek Storm eyeshadow palette that so many UK bloggers have raved about. Bless his heart - he actually went to 3 Superdrugs to find it - and I'm so happy to have it! I only own neutral eyeshadow shades - and this palette has some lovely neutral colours, while also including some pink, cranberry, blue and green. So when I finally get brave enough - I can experiment with some colour!

I also asked him to choose me something from Accessorize - as I just wanted a little inexpensive trinket that hubby picked out himself. He's very generous - but he really dislikes *choosing* gifts - he'd rather I tell him what I want - which of course is great, but sometimes it is nice to be surprised. Rather than getting me something from Accessorize - he got me a present from Tiffany's ...I was *so* happy to get the little blue box - and even took a picture of the beautifully tied bow before I opened it.

Here is the silver necklace hubby chose - Paloma's Marrakesh Pendant from Tiffany & Co. He said that he chose it because the pattern reminded him of the Aldo earrings I got last week. I love it so much - because 1)he picked it for me himself 2)it's from Tiffany's!!! 3)it is unlike anything else I own, yet goes so well with so many outfits.

I think this is one of the most romantic presents I've ever received. What's the best present you've ever gotten - I'd love to read about it in the comments.


  1. my best present was something my mom and sister got me for my b-day...they went halfsies on an expensive sonic toothbrush. it showed me that they really cared about me. i love them

  2. That is a very sweet present...the gift of fresh breath just keeps on giving ;-)


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