Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coach purchases

We spent the weekend in the Niagara Falls area - and since we were close by - I HAD to check out the Coach outlet. It was quite an exhausting experience - there was a huge line to get in, crowds inside, and an even longer line for the tills. I was hoping to find 1) my dream Coach bag (a leather Sabrina) 2) cute little leather goods - wristlets and coin purses 3) some gifts.

This is what I ended up purchasing: a blue mini-skinny (coin purse), 3 wristlets (2 of them are gifts), a cosmetic pouch (gift), and a silk skinny scarf. I like the wristlets - especially the lavender one. I like the shape of my mini-skinny, but am not a big fan of the print or the white lining. I adore my floral scarf - will have to find a good use for it!
Here's a stock picture of my dream bag: The Sabrina has been discontinued, although there are a few left that you can order directly from the Coach head office.

This bag style has been replaced by the Audrey - which has different handles and a boxier shape. At the outlet, they had a Copper coloured Audrey (below is a stock pic of it), which I walked around with for a while. I considered getting it - but I thought - it's better to pay full-price for something I love rather than settle for a great deal.

Have you been to any good outlets recently? Would you rather pay up for a dream item, or would you go for a similar item that was cheaper?


  1. sweet bags!! how'd you find the niagara falls store prices vs the buffalo store?

  2. Thanks! I haven't been to the buffalo store, so I couldn't compare...but for example - the mini-skinny coin purse cost $29 (plus they had an extra 20% off promo)at the outlet, while in the regular Coach store, the mini-skinny cost $38.


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