Thursday, February 18, 2010

HK necklace and MAC shopping

My Hello Kitty necklace that I posted about here has finally arrived. It is very well-made - I'm impressed by the packaging and the workmanship. I think I'm going to wear it without the little flower charm, as it looks a bit too teeny-boppy on me otherwise. This was an impulse buy - I usually prefer timeless and elegant accessories - and I may end up saving it for my daughter. But for now, it makes me happy to look down and see my HK pendant - she's so cute and I love her pink bow!

This past Friday I went to MAC and picked up some items that had been on my wishlist for a while. I've updated my MAC collection list here. I bought 2 lipsticks - Angel and Creme d'Nude. Creme d'Nude is the exact shade as Myth, but is creamy rather than drying. To be honest, I didn't need it - I mainly bought it because it usually sells out so quickly, and the store finally had it in stock. It is a lipstick that I'll have to layer with a rosier colour - it doesn't look good on me straight out of the tube.

Angel (pictured on me above) is a beautiful pink-ish shade. It's pretty popular because it's Kim Kardashian's favourite lipstick. I am totally in love with this colour - especially when layered over MAC Spice lip pencil. The lipstick is pretty long-lasting - but applying it over the lip liner makes it stay even longer.

I also picked up 2 eyeshadow brushes - 239 and 217. I asked people to recommend their favourite MAC brushes to me - and these 2 were the most popular. The 239 is good for applyinig colour on the lid, and the 217 is good for blending. Previously, I'd been using gift-with-purchase Lancome brushes and Revlon brushes - and let me tell you- it makes SUCH a difference using these MAC brushes. Colours go on richly and's so true that make up application is better when you have the right tools!


  1. As far as eyecreams.. if he broke out to clarins he may be quite sensitive so I dont know what to reccomend lol.. your hubby is a tough on!

    Love the kitty necklace! So cute!!

  2. Yup - can't figure out what to try - but I've heard that the Kiehl's cucumber eye cream is great - so I may get that next - of course - if it doesn't work for him - I'll keep it :-)

  3. Loving that Angel lipstick shade on you:)


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