Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair Journey 2010 - I want thicker hair!

This year I'd like to focus on getting my hair in shape. I feel blessed - I have brownish/black silky hair. It grows fairly quickly, and is easy to maintain. It covers my scalp - there is no patchiness or thinning. However, I'd like my hair to be the healthiest that it can be - and will focus on using products - both internally and externally, to see if I can grow *more* hair. To clarify - I'm not focusing on length or thickness of hair strands, but on new hair growth.

-Nourkrin - marine extract supplements and hair serum - I used this for 2 years, and didn't really notice a difference

-Biosil - silicone extract to help with hair growth - took this for 6 months - my nails are stronger, but my hair isn't any thicker - now that I've finished 3 bottles, I'm going to switch to a different supplement
-Omega 3-6-9 supplement - this includes cod liver oil, evening primrose oil and olive oil
-Castor Oil - I apply Black Castor Oil on my roots overnight, twice a week
-Coconut Oil - I apply cold-processed coconut oil on my hair and scalp for 6+ hours, once a week
-Boar Bristle Brush - I brush my hair everyday with a boar bristle brush - to massage my scalp
-Limited styling - I wash my hair twice a week, and use heated styling tools sparingly (maybe 10 times a year). Part of this is to protect my hair, but part of it is because I honestly *dislike* blow-drying my hair - too much effort for very little result.

PRODUCTS THAT I WILL TRY IN THE FUTURE: I will not be trying them all at once! I am researching their effectiveness, and will introduce them in gradually, so that I can see what is working and what isn't. Products with (**) are the ones I will try first. It can take up to 6 months to see a difference, especially with internal supplements.

-Supplements: (Please consult with your doctor before taking any supplements - and DO NOT take them all at once, as they have overlapping ingredients.)
-GNC Ultra Nourishair**
-GNC Hair, Skin & Nails
-MSM with vitamin C
-Hair Pills by California Naturals
-Rexall Hair Skin and Nails

-External Products:
-Rosemary and Lavender essential oils massaged onto scalp**
-Salt massaged into damp scalp, left on for 5 minutes before shampoo

-Shampooing my hair more frequently. I thought I was protecting my hair by only washing it twice a week, but in some cases, toxins can build up on the scalp - which inhibits hair growth.
-Daily scalp massage**

Do you have any products or tips that have worked for you? Please leave me a comment, and I'll add it to this list!

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