Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do my eyelashes seem longer?

Do my eyelashes seem any longer?
YES, there is BIG difference
YES, there is a SMALL difference
NO, there is NO change
NO, they have gotten SHORTER! free polls

It has been 2 months since I started applying Castor Oil on my eyelashes (posts about it here and here). I find it really hard to quantify the difference - so please answer my poll and let me know what you see!

Here's my opinion - after squinting at this comparison pic for ages! I think my eyelashes may have been slightly thicker before, but they are now a *tiny* bit longer, especially the inner and outer lashes.


  1. have you tried argan oil or vaseline?

  2. Hello.. I am really interested in your blog.
    I am planning to buy castor oil to, and luckily found your blog.
    Tbh, I see no difference with your lashes. Do you still apply on your lashes till now? is it get any longer now?

    1. Hi, I found castor oil helped keep my lashes at their healthiest (so if they were damaged, they restored them) BUT they didn't make them any longer than my current length. I also posted about Castor Oil here - hope it helps:


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