Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yummy Blonde Brownies...

I haven't really done any posts on cooking yet. I grew up around Asia, and I love reading blogs which showcase different countries and highlight the local food. I'm a nostalgic chef - I like to recreate dishes that I enjoyed as a child.

This particular dessert is super easy to make, and is my most-requested dish. I first tasted Blonde Brownies when doing my B.A. in New England. I'd load up my backpack with 5-6 brownies from the college cafeteria before getting on the bus to visit my sister in Boston. I don't know what my sister enjoyed more - seeing me or getting the brownies!

I found my recipe on the Nestle website - click here to see it. I think this dish is fool-proof. And it tastes especially yummy if you use mini-kisses instead of chocolate chips. Here's a batch I baked - stacked in my vintage pink pyrex.


  1. LOL i love you!
    One post is trainers and healthy exercise then on either side you mention yummy food!!!!!! xox

  2. Ha ha...No use working out if there is no yummy reward in sight, huh?



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