Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Forever 21 jewelry

I'm not usually into cheap jewelry - I've always focused on acquiring classic and elegant items - such as diamond studs, simple pendants etc. This year, I've found myself inexplicably drawn to delicate and colourful jewelry. There is one kiosk in the mall that I can't pass by without purchasing something (will try upload pictures of my items from there later). I've found that wearing my cheap and cheerful jewelry really cheers me up!

So when I read that forever 21 was having free shipping yesterday, I spent a long time browsing their limitless collection - and chose 2 items to order. I love how tiny and delicate this strawberry is:

This leaf necklace reminds me of the Jennifer Meyer one that Jennifer Aniston wore in "The Break Up" - I've always admired it:

Since shipping was free, the 2 items came to $13.10 - seems like a great deal to me! Will update once I receive the items.


  1. That strawberry necklace is adorable. I'm going to have to hop on the f21 site now :)

  2. Jeanna - I must warn you - the necklaces were SO much bigger than I imagined...they were not delicate little pendants - but huge (the strawberry was as big as a tube of lipstick). In the end, I had to give it away to a tweener I know!


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