Sunday, November 29, 2009

Castor Oil for Eyelash growth

I've been hearing about the benefits of Castor Oil for hair growth, and I've already started using it on my scalp. I've also decided to try it on my eyelashes. From what I've read, Castor Oil allows hair to reach its full growth potential - through its antibacterial and moisturisation properties.

In general, I'm happy with my eyelashes - but thickness and extra length are always a bonus. I'm hoping that there will be a postive effect, and if not - fingers crossed that I don't end up worse off.

Here is my before shot:

I plan on taking comparison pictures after 1 month, 2 months and 3 months. By then, I should be able to see if there is an effect or not.

Every night, after I've washed my make-up off, I'll use my fingertip to apply Castor Oil to the roots of my eyelashes. In the morning, I'll wash it off.

Here is the Castor Oil I'm using:

I'm waiting for this Castor Oil to arrive in the mail, apparently it is unrefined and is more effective. I'll probably switch over to it once I get it.

Just a warning - if you're interested in trying this - do so at your own risk. From what I've read, Castor Oil is used in MANY common products - BUT the eye area is sensitive, so make sure to test carefully before attempting this treatment. I've already used this for 3 nights - and so far, so good - but I'm careful to make sure my hands are clean and that I use only a small amount.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Drugstore Make Up

I don't own a lot of make up. I research and sample a lot of products, and then buy the *ultimate* product - one that I can use all the time. I prefer buying "high end" make up, because I like to feel pampered when I'm doing my make up. However, there are a lot of items where the *ultimate* product is a drugstore brand.

Here is a pic of all the drugstore products in my make up box. I'll share which I think are great, and which are just so-so.

Top Row (L-R): Revlon Lip Gloss - great everyday gloss, shiny and not-sticky; Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in Bronze Berry - this shade is supposed to be a dupe for Blizzard by Chanel - which I also own. It doesn't compare - hardly any colour shows up, and it wears off easily; Sally Hanson Collagen Injection/Lip Inflation - they plump really well, especially when combined, but the gloss smells sickly sweet; Wet n Wild eyeliner - the BEST liquid eyeliner I've tried. The brush is easy to control and apply, the colour is thick and long lasting. Better than the liquid eyeliners I've tried by Lancome, L'Oreal and Revlon. The only thing I like better is gel eyeliner; Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara; Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara - I don't *love* it, not much thickening action; L'Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara - my FAVOURITE mascara - it thickens and curls my eyelashes so well! 17 Bronzer and eyeshadow - these were bought from Boots in the UK, the bronzer gives me such a healthy glow - not too shimmery, and never makes my face look *dirty*, and I love the pink and gold colours in the eyeshadow.

Bottom Row:

First section (from Top to Bottom) - L'Oreal lipliner - goes on easily, is the best lipliner I've tried so far (and I own Spice by MAC, which is supposed to be a cult fave - it does nothing for me!); Revlon lipliner; Wet n Wild lipliner #666 - is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Spice liner, I actually prefer it to the MAC version, as it shows up more on my lips;

Second section (from Top to Bottom) - Wet n Wild eyeliners in green and black, the black one is a good basic liner, I haven't really used the green one yet, but I keep meaning too! Max Factor eyeliner in blue - this pencil is really old, but it looks really nice when paired with simple make up and dark lashes; Boots and Revlon eyeshadow brushes - not my favourites, but I'm not that good at applying eyeshadow, so I don't have to worry about blending or contouring with them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outfit of the Day

This past weekend was my nephew's birthday party. I didn't really have time to go shopping for a new outfit, but I wanted to wear something colourful - so I added a cardigan to an outfit I usually only wear in the summer:

Cardigan: JCrew outlet
Dress: Old Navy
Jeans: Miss Selfridges
Shoes: Guess
Necklace: Street vendor

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 outfits and some shopping...

Just catching up with some photos and posts. Here's an outfit from last month - lots of Old Navy - the trenchcoat, sweater and jeans are all from there, while the shoes are from Payless, and the scarf is from a street vendor. I like my trenchcoat, as it makes any outfit look elegant and dainty. However, although the cropped sleeves make it more stylish, it also makes it less practical.

Below are my beauty purchases from this week. I went to Sephora to browse - and saw that they were having a free gift (the silver clutch with flower) with $50 purchase, so I picked up some items that had been on my list for a while - Sephora/OPI nail polish remover, Clarisonic brush head, and Lip Venom in Pink Shimmer. I have the original Lip Venom, and while I don't really think any "plumping" lip gloss really works, it is a shiny and long-lasting gloss - so I'm excited to get it one that will make my lips seem pinker.

I also went to Fruits&Passion - I love this place. I hope that it does not get run out of business by Bath & Bodyworks. F&P products smell sweeter and last longer. I'm in love with their hand and body butters. I purchased their Avocado hand butter (just thick enough to prevent winter dryness, and comes in an adorable little tub) and their Moringa body butter (it smells divine - and a good replacement for Body Shop body butters - which are now more like lotions than butters!)

Here is a picture of my outfit today - went out with my sister. I'm wearing a sweater dress by Esprit and boots by Payless. I don't usually wear dresses, but I loved this outfit. I thought the dress with boots combo was cute, while the leggings kept me covered up.


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