Monday, November 20, 2017

Running Errands or Working Out?

Do you work out regularly? I wish I did -  there are so many benefits for both your physical and mental health. But I'm caught in that cycle - I'm too tired to exercise, and then I'm tired BECAUSE I don't exercise!

White Reebok Sweatshirt Black Adidas Leggings Adidas Solyx Sneakers Blogger Athletic Athleisure Outfit
Sweatshirt: c/o Marks / Leggings: c/o Marks / Shoes: c/o Marks / Bag

I've tried making it into a daily habit - just hopping on the elliptical and telling myself it's ok to go at a slow pace, something is better than nothing. But I struggle with being consistent...does anyone else have that problem - and if so - any tips? My friend S and I are thinking of signing up for an exercise class once a week, to get us into a healthier pattern. An Orange Theory Fitness recently opened up in our neighbourhood - so we may give that a try!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Holiday Ouftit Ideas - What to Wear to Brunch, Office Parties, Family Get-Togethers and New Years

For our latest collaboration with Oshawa Centre, I met up with my blogger besties and put together outfit ideas on what to wear to various festive events. I chose a glam holiday look - perfect for a New Years Eve party!

Holiday Ouftit Ideas - What to Wear to Brunch, Office Parties, Family Get-Togethers and New Years
With Mandy, Eleni and Jenelle

Dressing up for holiday parties is so much fun, because you can incorporate multiple luxe textures (sparkles / metallics / faux fur) in one outfit. I picked out a shimmery satin dress from H&M, and paired it with a GAP faux fur vest for warmth.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Perfect Pink Coat for Fall and Winter

It's been a long search - but I've finally found the perfect pink coat for Winter! As most of you know, pink is my happy colour - and the more that I can incorporate into my wardrobe, the better! But finding the right coat hasn't been easy...

Pale Pink Wrap Coat, Blush Pink Loafers,  Pink Velvet Quilted Bag Blogger Outfit
Coat: c/o Reitmans / Bag: c/o Amazon / Jeans: AEO / Shoes: H&M / Lashes: c/o Esquido Mink Lashes / Gloves: c/o Reitmans
Most pink coats I found were made of a lighter material, and were only suitable for Fall. This Pink Wrap Wool Blend Coat from Reitmans can be worn in the Fall, but the wool blend fabric helps block the Winter chill too!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Skincare for Sweater Weather with Soap & Glory

It's definitely sweater weather in Toronto now - and as the weather cools down, my skin starts feeling tight, scaly and dry.

In the colder months, I HAVE to switch out my shower gel and light lotion for more hydrating products - and in today's post I'm sharing my current body skincare routine, using scrumptiously-scented products from Soap & Glory!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Putting Together a Weekend Fall Uniform with Mark's

Having a formula makes getting dressed so much easier. You don't have to waste time putting together outfits - just pick one item from each category, and you're good to go!

Blogger Outfit Fall Uniform Pom Pom Hat Blanket Scarf Cognac Riding Boots Louis Vuitton Poche Toilette 26
Hat: c/o Marks / T-shirt: c/o Marks / Scarf: c/o Marks / Leggings: c/o Marks / Boots: c/o Marks / Clutch: Louis Vuitton

For the weekends in Fall, I like to use the following formula: pom pom hat + blanket scarf + soft tunic + warm leggings + comfy boots! In today's post, I'm dressed head-to-toe in Mark's featuring clothing from the Sung by Alfred Sung range.


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