Sunday, August 21, 2016

What I Packed for a Week in London

My husband is from England, and we fly there once a year to visit family. I lived in London for 8 years, so it's always a treat to go back and revisit my favourite places - and share them with my children.

bag (large size) / top: (similar) / earrings (similar) /  jeans / c/o shoes

We usually split our trip between two hotels - one in Central London and one closer to family, so we always try to pack light. I find the best way to avoid over-packing is to plan EVERY single outfit I'm going to wear - from clothes to shoes and accessories.

necklace / top 1 (similar) / top 2 (similar) / bag (size large) / blue jeans / black jeans / shoes

This year, I stuck to a blue/black/white colour scheme, and paired each outfit with either black shoes and a black bag or tan shoes and a tan bag.

necklace / shirt 1 (similar) / shirt 2 / blue jeans  / tan shoes (similar) / black shoes / tan bag / black bag (size large)

I chose comfortable non-fussy tops - and paired them with statement accessories - either my sparkly j.crew necklace or my tassel H&M earrings (close-up pic here).

necklace / top 1 (similar) / top 2 / black jeans / shoes / tan bag
As for my airplane/travel days - I continued with my "clothes that feel like pajamas" plan - disguising my leggings under longer tops for a comfortable-but-not-too-casual look.

necklace / top 1 / top 2 / leggings (similar) / bag (size large) / c/o shoes
All in all, I took 3 pants (black jeans, blue jeans & leggings), 3 shoes (black flats, tan flats & sneakers) plus 2 bags (black & tan) and 8 shirts. Pre-planning definitely helped me pack lightly!

I was gifted these Go Step Skechers earlier this year - and they were a welcome addition to my trip. Firstly - they weigh nothing and are super easy to pack. Secondly, they're made of a special anti-microbial material so you don't need to wear socks with them. And thirdly, they're very sleek yet padded with arch support and shock-absorbing soles, so they were life-savers on the days we had to do a lot of walking!

With all that extra space in my luggage, you would think that I would have shopped a lot - I mean, look at these pretty Gucci bags at duty-free - the popular black disco bag was around US$200 cheaper than in stores here!

But the only thing I ended up buying was this Emma Bridgewater Hearts mug (and the black bodysuit from this post). Between jet lag, a high exchange rate, and the fact that Toronto has a lot of similar stores - I wasn't too tempted by anything. Also...I MAY have been saving up for a different dream bag - can't wait to share it in a future post!

earrings (similar) / shirt / blue jeans / bag / tan shoes (similar)

What would you buy in London, that you couldn't buy in the US/Can? Let me know and I'll take notes for next year!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Meeting a BAWSE

Do you have trouble finding the right top to wear with a flared midi skirt? While crop tops look amazing, they're not something I'm comfortable wearing (A peek of my midriff? No thank you!). This black bodysuit is a fun alternative. It's fitted, so it contrasts nicely with the flared silhouette. And because it's a bodysuit, you don't have to worry about it bunching up at the waist.

Floral Midi Flare Skirt Romwe Black bodysuit H&M tassel earrings
Top: Miss Selfridges (similar) / Skirt: c/o Romwe (85% off sale) / Earrings: H&M (similar) / Necklace: c/o oNecklace / Shoes: Nine West (similar) / Bag: Chanel WOC

Friday, August 5, 2016

The One That Nearly Got Away...

I'm so upset with Joe Fresh - and here's why. FIRST - they design the PERFECT white lace dress...just the right length...with short sleeves...the prettiest lace trimming AND priced at only $49. THEN - they send this dress to various Canadian fashion bloggers - who proceed to share gorgeous outfit pictures on Instagram.

Joe Fresh Cream Baby Doll Lace Panel Boho Dress
Dress: Joe Fresh (similar) / Earrings: H&M (similar) / Bag: Minkoff / Sandals: Target (similar)

All of this may sound good...then why am I so upset? Because Joe Fresh didn't make enough of this dress! It was just SOOOOO hard to find, I had friends and family all over Canada looking for it.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lemons, Vintage Gucci & Summer Loves

I was talking to some bloggers at a recent party, about all the cute prints we've been seeing recently - from lemons to pineapples and flamingos. We thought we'd left those prints behind in our childhood - yet here we are, tempted to wear them because they're so colourful and fresh!

Top: c/o Romwe (shop the sale) / Jeans: H&M / Bag: Gucci / Shoes: Target (similar) / Earrings: H&M

My lemon-print top is actually an off-the-shoulder design, but we all know how I feel about off-the-shoulder tops, so I wore it with the sleeves up. As for my bag, this was the first designer bag I ever bought. Although I purchased it directly from a Gucci store - it's now over 10 years old - so I guess you could say it's vintage?  I hardly wear it anymore, but after seeing the Dionysus and Blooms bags everywhere, I remembered that I had a Gucci bag (or 3...) of my own in storage!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Are PRADA Baroque Sunglasses Timeless or Trendy?

The Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses first became popular in 2011. I remember seeing them on other bloggers and thinking that they looked very bold and dramatic. Because the style was so distinctive, I didn't invest in them myself - I thought it was a "trendy" item that would soon look very dated.

Prada Baroque Sunglasses Zara Cold Shoulder Blue Top Vintage Chanel bag Blogger Outfit
Blouse: ZARA (similar) / Sunglasses: c/o Smart Buy / Jeans: Express / Flats: Express (similar) / Bag: Vintage Chanel

And yet, here I am, 5 years late to the party - with my first pair of Prada Baroque sunglasses! And I'm absolutely in love. While the curlicue arms are trendy, the over-sized lenses are classic - and remind me of Jackie O's sunglasses from the 70s.


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